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Consulting & Investigations

Having worked in the security industry for over 30 years, we have a deep rooted knowledge of all different aspects of creating a safe environment and being prepared for any worst case scenarios that may arise. Our diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, code enforcement, military operations, and the security industry provide us with the necessary experience to be effective in finding the solutions you need to overcome whatever obstacle you or your business are facing.

We don’t like the concept of promoting security services through fear. At the same time, some aspects of the world we live in are scary. We want to ensure that you, your business and your home are safe and you have the needed knowledge to sustainably keep it safe.

At 4 Rings tactical we believe that a society can only be strong if every member of that society receives the support and care they need. If that is not given, insecurities and weak points arise. Those can then be taken advantage of by others or fall victim to circumstance. The more we can connect with others, the stronger we can be as a society, as individuals, as businesses.


When the 4RT team takes you on as a Consulting client we promise to work to the best of our abilities to give you the best options available to ensure you are set up for future success. We will work closely with you to make sure we fully understand your needs and any issues you may be facing. We will not quit until you are confident with our recommendations and the path of implementation we have laid out before you.


The 4RT team prides itself with conducting effective investigations while serving the entire state of Colorado. We are able to help you with witness interviews, background investigations, asset searches, personal injury accident investigations, witness location, insurance defense and surveillance. Our private investigators have years of experience in the field.