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“Below the thunders of the upper deep; Far far beneath in the abysmal sea, His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep The Kraken sleepeth:   From "The Kraken" By Alfred Lord Tennyson 

It’s impossible to think of an Octopus and not also think of the myths of the Kraken or Cthulhu. For us at 4 Rings, this remarkable creature is the personification of our professional and personal ethos.

The 8 arms holding various weapons states our belief that to be a great warrior, protector, soldier, etc, you have to be proficient in a wide array of skills and tools. Firearms, edged weapons, blunt weapons, medical, hand to hand, physical fitness, and even the way you handle problems and conflict. The more tools and “ways” you are proficient with, the more capable you become.

Octopi have organs and cells in their skin called “Chromatophores” which allow them to change the pigment of their skin to allow them an infinite number of camouflages. This allows them to blend in with their environment in a matter of seconds.  Adaptability and Flexibility are essential tenets to us. 

Many consider the octopus (cephalopods) to be one of the most evolved creatures on the planet and we take evolution to heart. To change and evolve with the world around us and present adaptive solutions to new problems is our philosophy. We bring this philosophy when training and consulting or to personalize protection for various principles and clients. 


What We Offer

We offer basic to expert weapons training, highly specialized hand to hand combat as well as medical training, and personal fitness! We consult businesses and individuals beyond the security industry. Our rewild program focuses on reconnecting with nature and the environment around us. And our highly trained and experienced team of executive protection specialists are here to protect you in any situation you may find yourself in.

  • 4 Rings Tactical is a group of professionals that combine a highly specialized collective skillset.
  • Decades of Martial Arts training (Aikido, Kendo, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing and more)
  • Firearms instructors and specialized weapons training
  • Edged Weapons training
  • Decades of Self-defense instruction
  • Wilderness survival skills and extensive outdoor survival training and experience
  • Medical training and decades in the field of first responder
  • Law enforcement and Code enforcement
  • Investigations experience in cooperation with law enforcement
  • Decades of experience in the security industry
  • Founding and building businesses from 0 to million dollar companies
  • Personal training and fitness
  • Background in human psychology and communication

Meet Our Team

​​Vajra has a long history of training Military, Police, Security and members of the public all over the world. He has over 30 years of experience in the security industry, and has worked as a professional martial arts and combat sports coach for 25 years. Vajra spent many years working around the globe as an Executive protection specialist.  During his time as a NPS Ranger Vajra was a member of a special unit and attended a Wildfire firefighter school and FLETC academy. He worked for 8-years as an city Inspector working in law and code enforcement for the city and county of San Francisco. Vajra worked as a contracted instructor for the US Army Rangers and was an instructor at the SFPD academy. He has created training programs in the fields of executive protection and high threat security for companies and organizations across the country.

Kevin grew up as an outdoorsman in Pennsylvania, gaining a strong foundation in survival skills and learning good tricks to make bush-craft, backpacking, and camping a better experience. At the age of 18, Kevin joined the United States Marine Corps, and worked as a Medium Machinegunner during his first deployment. Upon return to the States, Kevin graduated from Scout Sniper School on Camp Pendleton, growing his skillset in marksmanship, and fieldcraft before deploying again. Following his 4 years in the Marine Corps, Kevin moved on to work in Private Security and Executive Protection. Expanding to become an instructor, he began teaching subjects such as Tactical Pistol and Carbine, Long Range Precision Shooting, Force De-escalation, Survival Skills, and High Trauma Medical training classes, while assisting in training Hand to Hand combatives, and Edged Weapon Techniques.

As an FMF Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy, Devan specialized in combat medicine, Infantry tactics, and combat/rescue swimming. Having found his passion in studying martial arts for over 15 years, Devan has trained in; Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Kyokushinkai Karate, and achieved senior rankings in Kali, Silat, and Jeet Kune Do Concepts under the Guru Dan Inosanto lineage.

  Devan is currently working in the private security industry as an Executive Protection Agent in Colorado. He has experience in being a Tactical Combat Casualty Care/ Tactical Emergency Casualty Care medical instructor as well as assisting in the instruction of hand-to-hand combatives, arrest control, pistol and rifle applications, and close quarter battle (CQB). Devan has also helped train and consult other entities on Verbal Judo, the Use-of-Force Continuum, Situational Awareness, Risk Management, and De-escalation and also holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology. 

Isaac is a United States Marine Corps veteran who spent his time as a team leader and squad leader tackling various leadership challenges around the world. He has experience leading in challenging environments such as the arctic circle and the desert. Upon his completion of service he started civilian life as a leader in the private security industry. Starting the journey in the corporate environment leading teams in industries such as cannabis, medical, mental health, and critical infrastructure security. Isaac Then transitioned into the high risk Private security industry where he has led high functioning teams of professionals solving leadership problems around the world for public figures and their intricate security needs. Isaac has dedicated his entire professional career to developing himself as a leader taking various courses of instruction and working with mentors to further his capacity in the private sector. Isaac is now one of the Co-Owners of 4RT and the chief instructor of the Leadership program that he has developed with the help of other experts, 4RT founders and leaders in multiple industries.    

Micah began working in EMS in 2009, and since 2011 has worked as a paramedic in Arizona, California, and Colorado, including two years as a contractor in Iraq. Micah is currently a lieutenant with Mountain View Fire Rescue in Longmont, CO. Micah also enjoys training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has been training for 3 years. With a passion for teaching, Micah enjoys sharing his experience with students and builds classes that cater to specific needs. Classes can range from Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs), Before 911 Arrives, and Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK). 

Erik Thomas has been in the security business for over 30 years. He holds two certifications in Executive Protection. One from Bodyguard Training Services in the United Kingdom. The other from Yojimbo Protection Services in San Francisco, California, as a member of their Tactical Advance Team. He has also been a California State licensed owner of his own security company. 

Erik began his career as a “Blue Coat” (the security division of Bill Graham Presents, named for their unique light blue vest uniforms) under the late Bill Graham himself in 1989. The journey itself began in some of the Bay Area’s largest Stadiums and Arena venues. In 1994 he moved on to the nightclub branch of the company, serving as a member of in-house staff at The Warfield and The Fillmore nightclubs. After 12 years within the Bill Graham organization, as well as working as a contractor training guards to work for other companies. He took the State exam himself, and in 1998 started Erik Thomas Security & Consulting. In 2001 he became Head of Security of San Francisco’s legendary Pound SF nightclub. ETSC became Pro/Sec (Production Security 01) and quickly became the authority on high risk concerts and events throughout the greater Bay Area.

Jason began his grappling career with high school wrestling. After a brief break from training found Jiu-Jitsu in 2002 and was immediately hooked. Jason began his training with Team ROC under Royce Gracie While working on his BS in computer science at NC State. He began competing almost immediately, winning Naga and Grapplers Quest multiple times. He took 2nd at Worlds and Pans as a purple belt and 3rd in Pans as at Brown. Jason began teaching towards the end of his blue belt. His knowledge and teaching ability has greatly increased since then as has his enjoyment of Jiu-Jitsu and desire to share his knowledge with others. Having trained all over the country with many world class instructors Jason combines a variety of styles into his Jiu-Jitsu while staying true to the fundamentals that make Jiu-Jitsu so effective. After moving to Colorado Jason joined the Relson Gracie team earning his Black Belt in March 2012. Jason is dedicated to the continued improvement of his Jiu-Jitsu, and his ability to effectively share his knowledge with others.

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