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We are living in a world that is developing at such a fast pace that our bodies can barely keep up. We are enjoying the convenience of the digital age and the ability to have the whole world available to us with the push of a button and now more often a simple voice command. However, for thousands of years we had to trust our abilities as humans to survive in any environment without the aid of a digital device. Those skills are still very much part of our DNA, but we are barely using them. As a result we disconnect from nature and our relationship with the haptical world around us. Very few of us are actually able at this time, to survive in nature. But if we break it down, nature is all that surrounds us, we have just gotten very good at shielding ourselves from it! With the 4 Rings re-wild programs we are offering an opportunity to reconnect with the primal and primordial skills that have kept us alive for thousands of years and increase our appreciation for the world around us. We seek to regain the wisdom and experiential richness of our more “primitive” ancestors.

With the digitalization of our world also comes a new level of stress, that our brains have not quite learned to navigate. Being constantly available and taking in the amount of information we do on a daily basis is dramatically overwhelming to our system. It creates a level of stress that leads to difficulty focusing, increased anxiety, poor sleep and sometimes depression. By offering programs to reconnect with the wild and rediscover the wild in ourselves we are also giving our brain a chance to reset and release the stress of our daily life. Thus we are combining: learning kick ass outdoor and survival skills, reconnecting with nature and the world around us and increasing our ability to deal with and overcome stress and stay healthy, physically and mentally!

As part of the re-wild programs we are offering:

– Guided hikes in the Rocky Mountains
– Rock climbing
– Digital detox retreats 
– Permaculture planning / classes
– Classes on edible plants around us
– Sustainability projects / classes
– Tracking
– Mindful Hunting
– Toolmaking
– Natural attunement
– Wilderness survival skills